Three published papers from An MSc Dissertation


The work done in the MSc dissertation of Ammr F. Yahaya has led to the following papers

The dissertation was supervised by: Dr Younis M. Abbosh, Dr Amin M. Abbosh

1-   Ammar F. Yahya, Younis M. Abbosh,Amin M. Abbosh, "Microwave imaging method employing wavelet transform and neural networks for breast cancer detection", Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC 2011), 2011, pp.1418-1421

2- Amin M. Abbosh, Younis M. Abbosh, and Ammar F.  Yahya,  "Modeling and imaging of breast using the combined effect of microwave and acoustic pulses",  Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference(APMC), 2011 Asia-Pacific,2011,pp.1790–1793. 

3- Younis M. Abbosh, Ammar F. Yahya, Amin M. Abbosh, “Neural networks for the detection and localization of breast cancer”, IEEE International Conference on Communications and Information Technology (ICCIT), Aqaba, Jordan, March 2011, pp 156-159