Three published papers from MSc Dissertation




    .The work done in the MSc dissertation of Mr  Tarik Adnan Ngim has led to the following 3  published papers:

The dissertation is spervised by Prof Dr Khalil Hassan Sayidmarie

Khalil. H. Sayidmarie and T. A. Nagem," Compact Dual-Band Dual-Ring Printed Monopole Antennas for WLAN Applications",Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, USA,  Vol. 43, PP.313-331, 2012,USA,Impact Factor: 5.298.

2-    Khalil H. Sayidmarie, and Tariq A. Nagem," Compact Dual-band Dual-Omega Printed Monopole Antenna for WLAN Applications", Jordan International Electrical & Electronic Engineering Conference, JIEEEC2013, April 2013, Amman, Jordan.

3-    Khalil H. Sayidmarie, and Tariq A. Nagem "Performance Evaluation of Band-Notch Techniques for Printed Dual Band Monopole Antennas", International Journal of Electromagnetics and Applications, USA, Vol. 3, No. 4, 2013, PP. 70-80.DOI: 10.5923/j.ijea.20130304.03.