Prof at the College of Electronic Engineering was recognized among the top 1% of active reviewers

Prof Dr Khalil H. Sayidmarie/ Dept. of communication Eng. / college of electronic engineering was recognized among the top 1% reviewers for the Publons. Prof Sayidmarie has completed 32 paper reviews for international scientific journals and conferences during the period from 1 Sept. 2017 to 1 Sept. 2018.
The top 1% of reviewers in each of the 22 Essential Science Indicators (ESI) research fields. Rankings are calculated by number of verified pre-publication reviews performed and added to Publons between 1 Sept. 2017 and 1 Sept. 2018.
Ninevah University has been encouraging its academics to get their shares in international recognitions. The score of Ninevah University is now at 427 reviews, where it comes 10th among the Iraqi universities. In other words, Ninevah university score is at an average of about 2 reviews/academic.