Vision, Mission, and Objectives of the Department of Computer and Information Engineering

The Vision

The Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics should be specialized in the sciences of computer engineering and informatics and be distinguished by its engineering education and scientific research that leads to the advancement of knowledge, the development of the profession and community service through partnership with engineering and service industries and institutions and the graduation of cadres to provide the community with competent cadres.

The Mission

Education – Providing specialized engineering educational programs with a specific specialization for primary and postgraduate studies. Providing a recognized distinguished learning environment so that its graduates have high professional experience and basic engineering education that enables them to contribute effectively to the service of their community and raise the level and progress of their profession. All of this falls within international standard specifications and is implemented by adopting the ABET quality system in the field of engineering education

Research – Providing a high-level research environment so that its professors, researchersand students can carry out research in the basic, applied and exploratory engineering fields and disseminate and apply available and new knowledge to serve society and the region and interact with the world.

Leadership – Developing the leadership potential of members and students and cultivating the possibilities of self-education, induction and deduction so that those who possess talent in the field of the profession can lead the community in an honest manner.

Community service – interacting with the community and engaging in the development of the country’s industry and engineering institutions,which leads to the social and economic development of the country through consultations, continuous education and commitment to industrial problems as research to provide solutions to them.


Graduation of specialized engineers with a precise specialization in computer science and informatics and its applications with high specifications from A to K

Producing scientific and applied research in the areas of competence of the department for the purpose of solving industrial and service problems in society

Granting higher certificates in the various specialties of the department and with high specifications

Active participation in the renaissance and progress of society through seminars, conferences and continuing education

Specifications of the graduate of the Department

Ability to apply knowledge in mathematics, logic and engineering sciences

Ability to design electronic engineering systems in the fields of electronics, computers, communications, control, medical devices and all other electronic systems that serve all fields of work

Ability to design and conduct experiments aswell as analyze their results

The ability to identify industrial problems, especially electronic ones, and formulate solutions to them and in the field of competence

Ability to work in multidisciplinary teams

Understand and apply professional and ethical responsibilities

Ability to communicate effectively

Acquiring the broad culture necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a general perspective (local and global)

The ability to self-learnand realize the need to practice it throughout life

The ability to adapt to the changes of society through familiarity with contemporary issues

Ability to use modern engineering means, skills and tools necessary to practice the profession

Graduate Studies: Preparing for the opening of graduate studies in the Department of Computer Engineeringand Informatics by providing the necessary teaching staff and equipment.