Published research for the last five years

Published research for the period 2022-2023

ResearchersResearch TitlePublisher NameName of the journalResearch LINK
Dr. Mohammed A.M. AbdullahSpatio-temporal modelling with multi-gradient features
and elongated quinary pattern descriptor for dynamic facial expression recognition
Elsevier Ltd. United KingdomPattern RecognitionLINK
Dr. Bilal A. JeburA Low-Complexity Coding Scheme for NOMAIEEE IEEE Systems JournalLINK
Prof. Maan Ahmad ShehathahIFT and Chebyshev-based planar array
thinning for adaptive interference suppression
Springer NetherlandsJournal of Computational ElectronicsLINK
Mohammad Jassim MohammadAutomated Glaucoma Screening and Diagnosis Based on
Retinal Fundus Images using Deep Learning Approaches: A Comprehensive Review 
MDPI AG SwitzerlanddiagnosticsLINK
Omar Mowaffak AhmadControl Robotic Hand Depending on Voice Commands and IoTOpen Access House of Science
and Technology (OAHOST) United States
Nano Biomedicine and EngineeringLINK
Thabit Hassan ThabitThe Influence of Customer Knowledge Management on the level of
Customer Perceived Value: Case Study of The National Insurance Company
Université Ziane Achour de Djelfa AlgeriaForum For Economic Studies
and Research Journal
Thabit Hassan ThabitIndependent directors, corporate ownership and cost of debt:
Do politically connected independent directors matter? Evidence from China
Conscientia Beam United StatesInternational Journal of Management and SustainabilityLINK
Thabit Hassan ThabitRole of IFRS 9 in Banks to Reduce the Negative Impact of COVID-19 PandemicCihan University-Erbil iraqCihan University-Erbil Journal
of Humanities and Social Sciences
Thabit Hassan ThabitThe Extent to which the Tax Departments Depend on the
Financial Statements Audited by the Chartered Accountant in Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Cihan University-Erbil IraqCihan University-Erbil Journal
of Humanities and Social Sciences

Published research for the period 2021-2022

ResearchersResearch TitlePublisher NameName of the journalResearch LINK
Alya Thamer Salim
Sara Ihssan Basheer
Dr. Noor Raad Saadalah
A Survay of using Internet of thing to enhance Zero Energy BulidingsZien Journals United StatesTexas Journal of Multidisciplinary studiesLINK
Ahmed Abdulsattar Mohammed
Dr. Mohammed A.M. Abdullah
A hybrid Watermarking Scheme based on Arnold Cat Map Against Lossy Compression JPEGIEEE Ankara , Turkey2021 international Conference on Information Security and Cryptology(ISCURKEY)LINK
Dr. Bilal Alauldeen Jebur
Dr. Mohammed A.M. Abdullah
Automated Diagnosis of Childhood Pneumonia in Chest Radiographs Using Modified Densely Residual Bottleneck-Layer FeaturesMultidiscplinary Digital Publishing InstituteApplied Sciences LINK
Sohaib Rajab AwadDeep-learning Based Iraqi Banknotes Classification System for Blind PeoplePC Technology Center UkraineEastern-European Journal of Enterprise TechnologiesLINK
Thabit Hassan Thabitمخاطر التغيرات المناخية ودورها في محاسبة الكاربون :التطبيقات والقضايا المعاصرةكلية الكوت iraqمجـلــة كليـــة الكــوت الجـامعـــة
Zena Ali Mohammed
Dr. Noor Raad Saadalah
Mamoon Abduljabbar Thanoon
Theory, Concepts, Recent advances and an Implementation Example of Blockchain TechnologyScholars’ PressNew Trends in Network Cyber Security LINK

Published research for the period 2020-2021

ResearchersResearch TitlePublisher NameName of the journalResearch LINK
Dr. Mohammed A.M. AbdullahGoing Deeper: Magnification –Invariant Approach for Breast Cancer Classification Using Histopathological ImagesJohn Wiley & Sons Inc United KingdomIET Computer visionLINK
Dr. Mohammed Hazim Al-JammasDate Security System for IoT ApplicationsIEEE Duhok , Iraq2020 International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE)LINK
Dr. Mohammed Hazim Al-JammasVideo Delivery Based on Random Linear Network Coding IEEE Duhok , IraqCOASE 2020 International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE)LINK
Dr. Bilal Alauldeen Jebur
Ahmed Abdulsattar Mohammed
Hybrid DCT-SVD Based Digital Watermarking Scheme with Chaotic Encryption for Medical Images IOP publishing Ninevah , IraqIOP Conferance Series:Materials Science and Engneering
Dr. Bilal Alauldeen JeburThroughput enhancement using Hierarchical Modulation for Underwater Acoustic Communication SystemAcoustic Society of AmericaProceeding of meeting on Acoustics,ISSN:1939-800XLINK

Published research for the period 2019-2020

ResearchersResearch TitlePublisher NameName of the journalResearch LINK
Thabit Hassan ThabitThe Influence of Mobile Information Technologies in Enhancing the Electronic Auditجامعة العلوم الاسلامية العالمية/عمان/الاردن jordanالمؤتمر العلمي الدولي الثالث / جامعة العلوم الإسلامية العالمية / عمان – الأردن2020/2/17
Thabit Hassan ThabitThe Impact of Smart Libraries in Enhancing the Development Sustainable Practicesالجامعه الاردنية/عمان jordanالمؤتمر الدولي الخامس في النشر الإلكتروني / الجامعة الأردنية / عمان – الأردن2019/12/27
Thabit Hassan ThabitThe New Era of Marketing : The Impact of Social Media Influencers on e-MarketingICAFS 2021 cihan university erbil iraq3 rd Internatinal Conferance on Adminstrative and Financial Science
Thabit Hassan ThabitThe Influence of the Environmental Factors on the Adoption of the International Accounting System IAS/IFRSIstanbul Business Academy TURKEYJournal Of Accounting, Finance And Auditing Studies
Dr. Mohammed A.M. AbdullahEnhanced Secrecy Performance of Multi-hop IoT Networks with Cooperative Hybrid-Duplex JammingInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. United StatesIEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and securityLINK
Dr. Sedki Bakir Thanoon
Omar Mowaffak Ahmad
Adaptive Nonlinearity Estimation of Time Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Converter Using Recursive Least Square TechniqueIJISRT IndiaIJISRT digital library Publisher at International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology
Dr. Bilal Alauldeen JeburEnd-to-End Performance of a 4/16-QAM Hierarchical Modulation Scheme over Rician Fading ChannelsIEEE London, UK2020 IEEE 31 St Annual Internationl Symposium on person,indoor and mobile radio communicationsLINK
Joanna Hussein AlkhalidiMulti spectral Image classification Based on the bat algorithmJ.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology CroatiaInternational Journal of electrical and computer engineering systemsLINK
Dr. Mohammed A.M. Abdullah
Dr. Mohammed Hazim Al-Jammas
Electronic Student Feedback Management system based on Web development : Ninevah University Case Study(ASCEE) IndonesiaAssociation for Scientific Computing Electrical and Engineering (ASCEE)
Abdul basit MohammedStudy of Efficiency-Limiting Defects in Silicon Solar CellsIEEE Hammamet , Tunisia2020 11th international renewable energy congress (IRECLINK
Dr. Sedki Bakir ThanoonOTDOA Based Position Estimation for LTE Systems : Simulation Frame work and Performance EvaluationPC Technology Center UkraineEastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies
Thabit Hassan ThabitThe Impact of Implementing COBIT2019 Framework on Reducing the Risks of e-Audiكلية الحدباء الجامعة iraqمجلة أفاق مستقبلية / كلية الحدباء الجامعة / العراق2020/9
Thabit Hassan ThabitData Governance Based on COBIT2019 Framework to achieve SDGsالجامعة التقنية الوسطى iraqJournal of Techniques
Mamoon Abduljabbar Thanoon
Mohammad Jassim Mohammad
Face Recognition Security System Based on Convolutional Neural NetworksScience and Engineering Research Support Society AustraliaInternational Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
Ahmed Abdulsattar Mohammed
Deep-Intrusion Detection System with Enhanced UNSW-NB15 Dataset based on Deep Learning TechniquesSchool of Engineering Taylor University MalaysiaJournal of Engineering Science and Technology (JESTEC)LINK
Dr. Sedki Bakir Thanoon
Time Reversal Resonating Strength Paradigm for Physical Layer Authentication in Industrial Wireless SystemsPraise Worthy Prize S.r.l ItalyInternational Journal on Communications Antenna and PropagationLINK
Dr. Mohammed A.M. Abdullah
Dr. Bilal Alauldeen Jebur
LBTS-Net A Fast and Accurate CNN Model for Brain Tumor SegmentationJohn Wiley & Sons Inc. United KingdomHealth care Technology LettersLINK
Dr. Bilal Alauldeen JeburEnd-to-End Performance Analysis of Full –Duplex Amplify-and –Forward UAV Relay Networks : Tight-Lower Bound ASERIEEE london, UK2020 IEEE 31 st Annual international Symposium on Personal ,indoor and mobile communication at london,United KindomLINK
Dr. Majid younis
Dr. Emad A. Al-Sabawi
Traffic Sign Recognition based Color modelInstitute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES) IndonesiaIndonesian Journal of Electrical Engneering and Computer ScienceLINK
Dr. Noor Raad SaadalahD DoS Attack Detection in Softwear Define Network using various MetricsBentham Science Publishers B.V. United Arab EmiratesRecent Patents on Engineering,ISSN :1872-2121LINK
Mohammad Jassim MohammadControlling Embedded Systems Remotoely Via IOT Based On Emotional RecognitionHindawi Limited EgyptAdvances in Human-Computer Interaction

Published research for the period 2018-2019

ResearchersResearch TitlePublisher NameName of the journalResearch LINK
Dr. Mohammed Hazim Al-JammasThe GOP Inter Predection of H.264 AV/CKing Saud University Saudi ArabiaJournal of king Saud University computer and Information SciencesLINK