Al-Khyatt attends a seminar on radiation oncology within the “Visiting Professor Program”

The Faculty of Medicine, Ninevah University, under the auspices of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Muzahm Al-Khyatt, has organized multidiscipline seminars and scientific events to aid advancing the scientific level of students and toutors in acquiring the latest developments and evolution in the fields of diagnosis and treatment.
In this regard, the Faculty of Medicine had hosted Dr. Laith Yahya Ibrahim Al-Mulla Hussein, an oncology radiolotherapist, who acquired a great experiences in his specialty, and a member of the “Together for Cancer Control Program” in Canada and an active partner in the “High Council of Cancer in Iraq”.
The esteemed visitor presented a valuable lecture to the teaching staff at the Faculty of Medicine on radiotherapy of cancer. He, also, touched the reality of tumor radiotherapy in Iraq in general, and in Mosul, in particular, the ambitions and challenges.
The President of the University attended the lecture and oresented an important intervention in the field of oncology. He also presented his narration on the possibility of expanding the cooperation between the college and the visiting professor by holding lectures for students of primary and higher studies for the benefit of our dear city, Mosul.