Bachelor Degree in Nursing (B.Sc.N)

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc.N) graduate is an individual trained and specialized in the field of healthcare, possessing a set of skills and knowledge necessary for providing high-quality care to patients and the community. The educational program for B.Sc.N aims to develop the following skills:

-Clinical Knowledge: B.Sc.N graduates learn concepts and skills of basic and advanced clinical care, enabling them to provide evidence-based care and use modern techniques.

-Communication Skills: B.Sc.N graduates acquire effective communication skills with patients and their families, enhancing understanding and trust and contributing to improving the quality of care.

-Teamwork Ability: B.Sc.N graduates learn how to work within multidisciplinary healthcare teams, promoting collaboration and coordination in providing comprehensive care to patients.

-Decision-Making Skills: B.Sc.N graduates have the ability to make quick and informed decisions in changing circumstances, based on their clinical knowledge and comprehensive patient assessment.

Additionally, the B.Sc.N program aims to:

– Develop leadership and management capabilities for nurses to improve healthcare processes and organize medical teams.

-Enhance knowledge of healthcare policies and professional ethics to provide safe and specialized care

-Encourage innovation and scientific research in nursing to develop healthcare practices and improve treatment outcomes.

-Acquire knowledge and skills to work independently in public healthcare centers, gain expertise in general and specialized nursing care, and develop self-awareness and insight, reflected in an ethical outlook and comprehensive view of individuals enabling them to build good relationships with patients and their families.