College of Law in brief


The College of Law / University of  Nineveh  was established in 2020, this College  aims to graduate a new  generation that contributes to enhance the legal life. The College of law is one of the governmental colleges at the University of Nineveh teaching  a legal sciences by applying  academic education methods  of these sciences. Along with the Colleges of law in Iraqi universities, our college seeks to advance the legal scientific experience in Nineveh Governorate and our lovely country. The college also seeks to establish effective relationships with society at all levels. It is open to work with all governmental bodies, international organizations and Non-Governmental Organization to serves the scientific and knowledge plans.

The college also seeks to contribute to community service through continuous interaction between colleges, on the one hand and the environment and society on the other hand to spread cultural, social, legal and scientific awareness through various means such as seminars, continuing education courses, exhibitions, lectures, education projects.

Although the college is new, the college has a great faculty who known for its history which full of scientific creativity. They obtained their degrees from the most prestigious universities inside and outside Iraq. our faculty taught and practiced law for many years. Therefore, they have excellent scientific and practical experiences. our administrative staff also are prepared according to the best contemporary administrative standards by using electronic technologies to meet the scientific and administrative needs of our college.