Word from the Dean

Welcome from the Dean

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the College of Law at the Ninevah University in this new academic year of 2020 -2021 this nascent College that was established in 2020 alongside with other colleges at the Ninevah University to serve our great country, achieving the increasing need of our students and elevating the values of science, knowledge, research development service in our dear country. Hence, welcome to your nascent college, which is one of the new edifices in the field of human and educational sciences at the Ninevah University.

This guidebook for the College of Law to lead you to a comprehensive knowledge of the College, its departments and branches.

The College of Law contains two scientific branches: The Private Law and the Public Law.

Currently, our college is in one building, which is part of the Ninevah University (Aljawsaq Campus). The college seeking to expand the several facilities, including classrooms,  library and the Moot Court room, as well as professors  rooms and other service facilities to achieve the college’s goals and accommodate the increasing number of students in the college.

The staff and faculty of College of Law believe in the importance of strengthening role of students, which the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Nabil K. Abdel-Saheb gave every attention and appreciation. Thus, the college is intense to provide the tools of knowledge, methods of preparation and construction . This stuff will help our students to move forward to keeping up with the advances of science in this era. As well as, this will be achieved by professionally modernizing the curricula and education methods, and by  professional faculty members who have a great knowledge, work and commitment.

The college has various activities that contribute to our community service by planning to conduct continuous education courses for faculty members and staff  inside and outside the university. The College is always striving to develop its programs in line with the rapid progress of science and technology developments, as well as, intense hardly  to stimulate scientific life through holding local and international conferences, public and specialized seminars, conducting sober research and constructing cooperation with scientific and educational institutions in the field of gaining expertise and scientific exchange.



In conclusion, I appreciate all efforts of the faculty and staff (academics and administrators) and the all committees.

 I ask God to have a specific good for us to reach a distinctive quality education, may God help us all and guide us on the path of good and save our dear country, Iraq from all evil.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God