Ninevah Journal for Legal Studies

The College of Law at Nineveh University is pleased to announce the launch of the “Nineveh Legal Studies” Journal, after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research through the Research and Development Department. This new academic journal is an important addition to the scientific and legal scene in Iraq.

The journal aims to promote scientific research and legal studies, as it seeks to be a leading platform for academic publishing. The magazine will contribute to publishing distinguished research and studies in the field of law, which contributes to the development of legal knowledge at the local and regional levels.

The establishment of this journal comes as a strategic step to enhance the role of Nineveh University in supporting scientific research and encouraging academic dialogue. The College of Law expresses the importance of the magazine in enriching knowledge and developing scientific dialogue, stressing its vital role in achieving this achievement.

The Nineveh Journal of Legal Studies seeks to become a prestigious platform for researchers and academics, providing them with the opportunity to publish their research and studies, and thus contribute to the development of the legal field in Iraq and the region.