In accordance with the directives of the University President, Dr. Osama Al-Mashhadani, and under the direct supervision of the Dean of the College of Law, Dr. Zeina Ghanem Al-Obaidi, Assistant Lecturer Ms. Sawsan Muthkal Matlak, the head of the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit, in collaboration with Assitant Lecturer Ms. Ru’a Sami Dawood, the head of the Continuing Education Unit, organized a workshop entitled “Immunity, Not Prevention” on Wednesday, 28th February 2024. The workshop took place in the Rehabilitation and Employment Hall, and it featured presentations by Ms. Sawsan Muthkal Matlak and Mr. Ameen Abdul Kareem Ameen, a faculty member at the college.

Several faculty and administrative staff members attended the workshop, as well as a group of college students. It included a series of constructive interventions, dialogues, and discussions aimed at devising mechanisms to enhance individual immunity amidst negative societal changes, forming a crucial shield against deviant behavioral tendencies.