About The College

From the point of view of the interest and the comprehensive renaissance witnessed by Ninevah province after the victory over the criminal gangs of ISIS in various fields, especially the fields of health and education, in order to upgrade the health and therapeutic services provided to citizens, the Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 2020 with its various departments to be within the system of the University of Ninevah; young and large in its achievements, along with the Faculty of Nursing to provide this city with highly educated and trained health staff. The advanced academic program of the Faculty of Pharmacy is a distinguished program, where it was developed according to the latest international methods in pharmacy education to graduate pharmacist characterized by its studies and theoretical and practical experiences with its ability to play an active role within the medical team in terms of understanding the medical diagnosis and the choice of the right medicine and the right dose and finding other pharmaceutical alternatives in case of need, as he has the ability to communicate with the medical team and the patient, and this distinguished role of the graduate of the college will be reflected on the provision of service and health care, reduce drug misuse as well as reduce the cost of medical treatment. The graduate of the faculty is also qualified to practice the profession of pharmacy in all its forms and in all other fields, such as working in pharmacies in public and private hospitals as well as the fields of medicine manufacturing and development and scientific and academic research centres interested in pharmaceutical sciences. The courses included in the College’s study plan have developed their theoretical and practical scientific content in accordance with the latest global systems and curricula.