Mission, Vision, and Objectives:

Vision: Leadership in education, pharmaceutical practice, and scientific research.  

Mission: Commitment to prepare pharmacists who adhere to the values and ethics of the profession, able to compete locally and internationally through academic and professional programs that meet the new labor market using advanced teaching and learning strategies and techniques.

Objectives: The Faculty of Pharmacy seeks to achieve responsibility – partnership – productivity – quality – creativity – leadership – sustainability – belonging, through:

1. Preparing and qualifying the needed staff to work in various pharmaceuticals fields  such as the discharge and installation of medicines, pharmaceutical industries and pharmaceutical control.

2. Preparing the revitalization courses in various pharmaceutical sciences to ensure the continuity of the scientific competence of pharmacists while following the scientific development in the field of pharmaceutical education and integrating it into the educational policy of the college to ensure the development and enlightenment of the curriculum of the college.

3. Providing consultations and technical studies to the various service sectors as well as cooperation with scientific institutions and bodies at the regional and international level, creating harmony between the educational process in the country and the outside world.

4. Participating in researches and investigations in both local and international scientific conferences and preparing scientific conferences and exhibitions with the relevant authorities.

5. Cooperation in the field of pharmaceutical control with the official authorities, which confirms the quality and safety of medicines and embodies the concept of pharmaceutical care in the society.

6. Contribute to raising health awareness by spreading the pharmaceutical culture in the rationalization and use of medicines and participating with the competent executive sectors in drug rationalization and spreading health awareness through various media.

7. Contribute to the development of plans, studies and participation in research in the pharmaceutical field and provide it to the official authorities for guidance in pharmaceutical policy.

8. Strengthening the abilities of graduates and building bridges of communication between them and the faculty members of the college.

9. Motivating outstanding and creative students by honouring them and highlighting them to be distinctive for their peers.