Faculty of the Private Law Department

1Prof. Dr. Zeina Ghanem Al-ObaidiPh.DPrivate Lawcivil law
2Prof. Dr. Ammar Saadoun HamedPh.DPrivate LawLaw of pleadings and evidence
3Dr.. Ammar Thamer Al-BannaPh.DPrivate LawCommercial law
4Dr. Nawaf Ali TaiPh.DPrivate LawCommercial law
5Dr.. Saad Abdel Wahab IssaPh.DPrivate LawPersonal status law
6Dr.. Nemat Muhammad MustafaPh.DPrivate LawCommercial law
7Dr.. Yazan Saeb AhmedPh.DPrivate Lawcivil law
8ASST. LECT. Jassim Khudair AliMaster’sPrivate Lawcivil law
9ASST. LECT. Sahar Anwar MuhammadMaster’sPrivate LawLaw of pleadings and evidence
10Asst. Lect. Sawsan Mathkal MutlaqMaster’sPrivate Lawcivil law
11Asst. Lect. Salman Daoud Saleh  Master’sJurisprudence and PrinciplesPrinciples of Jurisprudence
12Prof. Dr. Saddam Youssef AbdelPh.DModern historyHistory of the modern Arab world
13Prof. Ahmed Khalaf FandiPh.DIslamic HistoryCivilization
14ASST. LECT. Saif Othman AliMaster’sHistoryIslamic History
15ASST. LECT. Laith Ibrahim MuhammadMaster’sPrivate LawPersonal Status  Law
16Dr. Abdullah Salem AbdullahPh.DPrivate LawPersonal  Status  Law