Message of the Dean

The College of Information Technology was established in the academic year 2020/2021 according to Ministerial Order No. M3/T/3291 on 9/10/2020, one of the new colleges at the University of Nineveh at the Al-Jawsaq site – in the city of Mosul. The establishment of the college was in line with the information revolution that swept the world, so that the college moves towards continuous modernization in order to put information technology within the reach of everyone and prepare graduates to work in state institutions who possess abundant information about computer network systems, software, and application capabilities while ensuring the accuracy and speed of obtaining data and results. The college receives graduates of the scientific branch of preparatory study in its biology and applied branches. The duration of study in the college is four years, during which the student receives academic curricula, practices practical training, and acquires types of skills in laboratories that keep pace with information technology, software, computer networks, and the Internet, in addition to the college having a specialized and efficient teaching staff. The college focuses on the student as he is the foundation building block for building the nation and considers it a goal to advance education and provide practical life with distinction and creativity through educational interaction, following the finest scientific methods, and ensuring quality and university performance standards to maintain the scientific level and advance the graduate’s capabilities to be an effective tool in building so that we have the students We are proud of it and it is the place of dependent on Young people have the ability to work and achieve and they are bright minds. Success is only achieved with a combination of experience, conscious youth, and fruitful and constructive teamwork. The college graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree in software sciences or networks and the Internet.
I extend my thanks and gratitude to everyone who worked and works in the college with sincerity and effort in order to raise this scientific edifice, which, God willing, will remain a source from which young people can draw and contribute to the advancement of society… I pray to Allah to grant us success and guide our steps in serving the scientific path and building our beloved Iraq, and God is the Grantor of success.
Professor Dr. Manar Younis Ahmed Kashmoula
Dean of the College