Vision, Message, And Objectives

College Vision
            For the college to be a scientific edifice that raises the quality of higher education and academic research by using advanced technologies for high-level education programs and curricula, as well as providing opportunities for training and developing students and scientific competencies, in order to provide the state with highly qualified scientific cadres in acquiring knowledge and using the latest modern scientific technologies.
College’s Message
            The college relies on modeling the principles of software science, computer networks, the Internet and other disciplines in order to effectively conducting software science and computer networks with related sciences, which leads to cognitive integration and enhance the student knowledge to the level of ambition that serves the Iraqi society and its requirements so that Iraq has a prestigious position among the countries of the world.
College Objectives
• Preparing scientific cadres specialized in software science, computer networks, the Internet, and other disciplines.
• Consolidating the theoretical and scientific concepts of IT sciences based on the basic sciences and their importance in methodological methods.
• Provide students with knowledge related to developing software projects on time and towards set goals.
•      Qualifying students for postgraduate studies in the field of computer networks and software science.
• Understanding the communication networks and standards adopted in the institutional environment.
• Providing the student with the ability to evaluate alternative solutions to the problem under study and to decide on the possibility of using information technology in implementing the solution.
• Acquire a learning foundation
Gain a solid educational foundation for interacting with future developments in information technology.
•               Preparing students for the labor market and developing their abilities to interact and communicate with others through active participation in community service and field training program.
• Conducting pure and applied scientific research to keep pace with the pace of scientific development.
• Building bridges with the community through the establishment of scientific courses and preparing specialized researchers as part of the graduate program.