Software Department

Department Vision:

The Software Department is looking forward to being recognized for leadership and excellence in the field of software quality and to be supportive of effective links with local, regional and international bodies in the field of specialization, and to contribute to developing future visions in building the quality of applied software systems, making it a distinguished center in the field of educational, research and community service.

Department message:

Preparing qualified and trained national competencies to start a working life based on an education with an advanced and influential technological base that meets future expectations of science and technology with strong relevance to problem-solving skills that enable them to adapt and adapt to the challenges of tomorrow in all software applications.


• The department’s commitment to providing an environment that supports creativity, quality and distinction, and to embrace and encourage development initiatives for its students.

• Preparing generations that are aware, distinguished, and with high skills and sufficient experience, enabling them to participate strongly and effectively in the development of society and develop its capabilities by providing them with the latest knowledge, skills and high moral values.

• Preparing scientific cadres specialized in the field of designing and building large and complex software systems. Providing an appropriate and comfortable research and teaching environment for the teachers to reach high-quality outputs.

• Seek to open the door for higher studies in the department in a way that suits the needs of the academic community in this specialty.


Academic Staff