IT College

According to the huge revolution in the information technologies, the Faculty of Information Technology (IT) was created at the Ninevah University. This college starts its fast step towards continuous modernization in order to put information accessible to all and prepare its graduates to work in with abundant information on network systems, software and application possibilities with Ensure speed and accuracy in obtaining data and results.
The IT College was established on 2020 to be one of the four newly developed colleges at Nineveh university on Al-Jawsaq site on the right side of the Mosul city.
            The IT college includes two scientific departments; the Department of Computer Networks and the Internet, and the Department of Software, in addition to the College Deanship, the departments and its administrative departments.
            The college accepts graduates of the scientific branch of preparatory study in both the biological and applied branches. The students taught modern knowledge and advanced technology in the field of information technology and computer software, as well as in the field of computer networks technology and the Internet. After the completion of four years of study, the college awards a bachelor’s degree in software science or computer and internet science.