Research Papers

Research TitleResearch Link
1Alpha-FedAvg: Safeguarding Privacy and Enhancing Forensic Analysis in Federated Learning on Edge Devices
2 Multiband Patch Antenna with Sinc-Shaped Edges for Sub-6 GHz Applications
3Enhancing IoT Forensics through Deep Learning: Investigating Cyber-Attacks and Analyzing Big Data for Improved Security Measures
4 Vowels’ Articulatory Location Classification based on Formant Frequency
5Monitoring Electricity Distribution Transformers in Mosul City Based on Iot LoRaWAN Network abstract/3009/1/030001/3265154
6Evaluation of LoRa WAN network performance for a water level sensing and monitoring scenario in Mosul Dam
7QR Code Encryption for improving Bank information and Confidentiality