Department of Computer Networks and the Internet

Department Vision:

Creating a consistent and developed objective curriculum in a way that is directly in line with the rapid changes in the world of networks and the Internet in theory and in practice, thus ensuring that the student attains excellence, efficiency, and high quality in the field of general and precise specialization, and ultimately leads to postgraduate engagement in the labor market within the highest degrees of mastery and creativity in the field of specialization.

Department message:

Providing computer network technicians who are able to design and create different types of computer networks.

Teaching modern and advanced curricula for computer networks.

Provide a laboratory environment that ensures the application of all scientific experiments related to computer networks and the Internet.


• The study in the Department of Computer Networks and the Internet aims to provide the student with the necessary tools to understand and build network applications by analyzing Internet protocols and the interaction between them and their applications, and focusing on real world applications and Internet of things applications, in order to provide the basic tools for understanding and designing network hardware and software.

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