Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up

The Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up is the starting point in knowledge management and keeping pace with scientific development. It also performs a strategic mission by providing data and statistics about the university and its affiliated colleges and centers. In addition to achieving the goals and plans set by senior administrative leaders and developing future studies to develop the scientific and educational reality, following scientific methods and taking into account the accuracy of data and information in implementing them, it requires making great efforts and familiarity with many aspects of the solutions to the problems that are to be solved, and clarity of goals, accuracy and realism in identifying needs. .

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The department sets annual plans and needs for the university for all scientific activities and curricula for all colleges and departments. It also studies the innovations required by the university with regard to preliminary studies and with regard to the creation of departments, branches, units, and the creation of colleges and sends them to the university council and then to the ministry to obtain the necessary approvals for that. One of the department’s tasks is to follow up on planning mechanisms in colleges, university centers and departments and coordinate between them to achieve the implementation of the university’s strategic plan and follow up on it in the academic, administrative and financial fields.

Department message

  • The department seeks to provide studies related to innovations from colleges, departments, centers, research units and divisions at the university level.
  • Providing accurate information for the database of all university employees and updating it periodically.
  • Evaluating the progress of university work through preparing quarterly and annual reports represented by university statistics and the quarterly report, and preparing annual and quarterly reports to address gaps and submit proposals.

Department objectives:

  1. The department seeks to develop a comprehensive plan for innovations at the level of colleges, research centers, consulting offices, and departments, according to the university’s need and the ten-year plan adopted by the university.
  2. Building a database of university employees, including teachers and employees.
  3. Issuing an annual statistical guide.
  4. Preparing and developing the organizational structure of the university, colleges and research centers in accordance with the regulations.
  5. Follow up on the plans developed by colleges and scientific departments at the university.

The department has three divisions

  1. Statistics Division
  2. Planning Division
  3. Data and Informatics Division
  1. Statistics Division

Division tasks

  • Preparing the university’s annual report and university statistics.
  • Monthly update of university statistics.
  • The annual report, which contains tables for preliminary studies and research related to professors, delegations and courses for university members, projects, financial expenses, as well as conferences.
  • Statistics of graduating students.
  • The statistical program prepared by the Ministry.
  1. Data and Informatics Division

 This division represents the link between the databases in the colleges and the presidential departments. It is a technical division that supports its work by using specialized software to maintain and update the university’s human resources databases.

Division tasks: –

  • A database with the names of teachers and employees that includes name, nationality, gender, general and specific specialty, date of birth, date of appointment, certificate and academic degree and date of obtaining it, university position and the country granting the certificate.
  • Sending changes that occur to faculty members, such as changing a certificate or academic title, appointment, retirement, resignation, changing position, or long vacations, to the Ministry for each month.
  • Monthly updating of the teaching staff database (granting academic title, transfer, resignation, death, promotion)
  • Preparing statistical reports for the university centre, its colleges and centres.
  • Developing and updating the system at the university regarding human resources management.
  1. Planning, Training and Development Division

The Planning Division is considered one of the most important divisions of the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up in the University Presidency, as this division carries out ongoing tasks and activities related to several matters, including:

  • Creating colleges, institutes, branches, departments, centers, divisions, units, curricula, and academic systems.
  • This division also obtains the necessary necessary approvals for the purpose of changing the name of a college, department, or branch.
  • University calendar.
  • Preparing five-year and ten-year plans.
  • In addition to what was mentioned, the department conducts formal correspondence for the purpose of naming a graduation course for each academic year.