Financial Affairs Department

The Financial Affairs Department
is headed by an employee who holds at least a preliminary university degree in accounting or financial sciences, and whose job service in the field of specialization is not less than ten years. He has great experience and the ability to supervise, organize and follow up, and has great knowledge of the laws, regulations, instructions and controls that regulate financial and accounting affairs. The Department consists of Financial affairs include the following divisions:
• Salaries, Deductions, and Fund Division
• Plan Accounts Division
• Records and Consolidation Division
• Debts and Expenses Accounts Division
• Warehouse Division
The Financial Affairs Division performs the following tasks:
1- Preparing and implementing the annual financial budget in coordination with other office departments.
2- Maintaining the required accounting records, and using electronic archiving of their contents.
3- Follow up on the financing of the office’s account from the Ministry of Finance, as it is one of the departments that uses the decentralized accounting system.
4- Withdrawing and depositing cash amounts to and from the bank, and conducting disbursement operations by organizing instruments, disbursement and registration documents, and conducting financial settlements.
5- Preparing employee payrolls and following up on their disbursement and distribution after making the amendments that occurred to them during the month.
6- Disbursing permanent advances after the approval of the Accounting Department at the Ministry of Finance, disbursing temporary advances to the committees formed in the office, and following up on their settlement.
7- Preparing monthly accounts (trial balance, expense tables, revenue tables, matching the bank statement with the current account), and submitting them to the Ministry of Finance.
8- Preparing the final accounts at the end of the fiscal year, and submitting them to the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Supervision Bureau.
9- Conducting financial transfers between the sections of the office’s budget to cover its needs in accordance with what is stipulated in the budget implementation instructions.
10- Providing accounting and financial consultations, and participation of department employees in the investigative, audit and inspection committees formed by the ministry or office inside or outside Iraq.
11- Follow up on pension contributions and the entitlements of all other parties.
12- Developing the annual plan for the department’s work, in addition to any other tasks assigned by the Inspector General or the Assistant Inspector General for Administrative and Financial Affairs.