Strategic plan 2021-2026

Executive Summary :

       The strategic plan is a road map to excellence when prepared in accordance with the scientific curricula and their practical implications. The planning process represents the product of the collective thinking of the strategists in the organization, as well as the participation of all parties related to the implementation and follow-up of the course of strategic planning.

In this context, the University of Nineveh sought to mobilize the necessary energies to form an operations room for strategic planning that included academic, administrative, technical and advisory cadres in the field of strategic management. In this context, the University of Nineveh aimed to begin drawing up a long-term strategy, the content of which would be to shift towards the goals of developing the university’s scientific and research fields, serving the localization environment, developing skills for all university staff, and raising the standards of teaching and learning in accordance with the desired quality assurance standards.

Based on the above, the work teams concerned with this task adopted the method of analyzing the current reality as a starting point towards the desired goals of its five-year plan 2021 AD – 2026 AD. The University of Nineveh aspires to achieve excellence and leadership, God willing, in the areas mentioned above.

The cadres concerned with the draft strategic plan took into account the expectations of stakeholders regarding scientific, cultural and civilizational value and service to the local, regional and international community, which formed the qualitative content of the strategic direction of the university’s leadership.