The symbolism of the university logo and emblem

The logo of Nineveh University is inspired by the city’s history, featuring the iconic Nergal Gate of the Assyrian capital (Nineveh) at the center, reflecting the university’s historical significance. The university’s name embodies this ancient historical title of the city, renowned worldwide. The founding date of the university is placed at the bottom ends of the gate, in both Gregorian and Hijri calendars.

At the top of the logo, the Quranic verse “Read in the name of your Lord who created” was chosen for its profound message emphasizing the importance of acquiring knowledge. The act of reading in the verse signifies the imperative of learning, the first step toward knowledge acquisition, leading to the stage of dissemination and teaching to others, all with the assistance and support of the Most Generous, i.e., the Creator. This verse takes on a crescent shape at the top of the logo, with the Kufic script used to write “Nineveh University,” reminiscent of the calligraphy style used in writing Quranic verses and copying the Quran before the fourth Hijri century. The letters of the university’s name extend to encompass the wisdom and history contained in the logo.

The predominant color in the logo is earthy brown, symbolizing status and reliability, while green is used in writing the university’s name, representing peace, renewal, growth, and generosity. The university flag, with colors inspired by the logo, is rectangular, with its width two-thirds of its length, diagonally divided into halves, with the upper part in white and the lower part in green, echoing the symbolism mentioned in the university’s logo. The university logo is placed in the upper right corner of the flag.