Registration and Student Affairs Department

Section Overview
The Department of Student Affairs and Registration is one of the important and vital departments and the University bar that deals with students and all related matters of acceptance, registration, transfer, hosting and others.

Streamlining of work and flexibility in dealing with it is accompanied by moving away from routine and adopting modern technology to ensure the student’s right to receive information in a timely manner.

The Department of Student Affairs and Registration is found to serve students and meet their legitimate applications guaranteed by the approved instructions and laws.

Building bridges of trust between student and university.
Lay the foundations of the administrative and organizational construction as required.
Take care of students’ rights in all aspects guaranteed to them by the laws and regulations in force.
Working with the registration divisions of all university colleges in the spirit of one team in the service of our dear students.
Create a database for all university graduates.
Provide the best service and the best reception fit for the university student and keep pace with the technical development and the effective instructions and laws
Eliminate the long routine that confuses administrative work and hinders the country’s education.