A letter from the University President

 The establishment of the Nineveh University is the brightest new scientific edifice in Nineveh Governorate, that ancient region that embraced the ancient civilization of Nineveh and which witnessed the establishment of the first schools. The law was issued to form the University of Nineveh on February 3 , 2014, so that the university would begin with two young colleges (Nineveh Medicine and Electronics Engineering), which had been established 12 years ago. The affiliation of these two colleges was transferred from the University of Mosul to the University of Nineveh in 2014 to form two established building blocks of the young university, and so that the university would begin A new stage, its path to sobriety, and its goal is to develop towards a prominent position among Iraqi universities.

    As the noble verse “Read and your Lord is Most Generous” is topped with the slogan of the University of Nineveh, the university draws from the verse a great significance that reading and academic achievement are the paths of guidance to the goal, and that this will be a beacon for the students and staff of the university in the pursuit of giving and promoting sobriety, just as Nineveh University aims to be Iraqi. For all Iraqis, where there is no difference or distinction except on the basis of knowledge and giving.
    This young university, which was founded only a few years ago, coincided with the catastrophe of the occupation of Mosul and the conditions of displacement in its first days. The university worked to find alternatives and continued to work outside its surroundings during the occupation and after liberation to restore and rehabilitate what had been vandalized and destroyed. To defy time by restoring the infrastructure and organizing the administrative and technical structure, to rise quickly, racing against time, to catch up with universities that preceded it by decades and established under ideal and stable conditions.

   Since the original location of our university is on the right side of the city of Mosul, this constitutes an additional advantage, as it will provide easy access and communication with more people from Nineveh Governorate and other Iraqi governorates, especially southern Nineveh, which prompts us to think seriously about expanding the current colleges and specializations, as it is not reasonable to We stop at the Colleges of Medicine and Engineering. Our next mission is to work on creating the five planned colleges (Pharmacy, Nursing, Information Technology, and Law) so that the university includes medical, engineering, science, and humanities specializations, as well as interest in developing the role and capabilities of the university in terms of research and promotions. Therefore, we need everyone to feel that this university is his university, an important page in its history, and to strive with all seriousness and diligence to make this page bright, a source of pride, and an indicator of excellence and exceptional success. I say this frankly: everyone must be persistent, and whoever does not find in himself the ability to work in this spirit will find himself left behind, and I am confident that the majority of the university’s staff are distinguished and creative.


Professor Dr. Osama Ismail Al-Mashhadani

President of Nineveh Universit