Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives

Nineveh University aspires to be a leading scientific institution that aligns with the best international standards in quality education, scientific research, and service to the local, regional, and global communities.

Nineveh University seeks to prepare qualified scientific outputs in various disciplines offered by the university’s programs, affirming the quality of education within global standards, supporting enhanced scientific research for sustainable development, directing its educational and research efforts to serve the local environment, providing an academic atmosphere conducive to creativity and desired development .


– Governance: Compliance with laws, regulations, and policies governing higher education.

– Transparency: Maximum clarity and disclosure of all transactions and making them accessible to all.

– Credibility: Alignment of words with actions and application of planned performance standards.

– Justice: Ensuring the university’s dealings with everyone according to prevailing laws without discrimination.

– Excellence: Execution of tasks according to quality assurance standards in all educational and academic areas.

– Collaboration: Working as a team to achieve common goals in all educational, research, and social responsibility areas.

– Quality: Applying quality standards in the performance of all university services.


– Sustainability of education and learning.

– Strengthening scientific research.

– Enhancing the quality of the educational process.

– Serving the local environment.

– Linking educational curricula with the needs of the job market.

– Supporting and assisting university students and affiliates.

– Localization of modern technology for education.

– Expanding relationships with local and international success partners.

– Development and building of human, material, and financial capacities