Vision, Mission, and Goals

Achieving education high quality and distinction in the fields of teaching and learning, developing and disseminating knowledge for community service, leading to an advanced position among universities.

Providing advanced programs for higher education according to high standards to qualify more efficient graduates who contribute to the cognitive, economic and social development of society and take into account its peculiarities. With commitment to spiritual, ethical and professional values, creating an environment conducive to learning and intellectual creativity, supporting human rights, preserving the environment, optimal employment of technology, providing academic freedom, striving to produce creative research that contributes to building a knowledge society, and providing technical advice to raise the level of performance of community institutions.

1- Preparing scientifically, professionally and educationally qualified cadres in various fields of knowledge in accordance with high-quality specifications.
2- Promoting scientific research in theoretical and applied sciences, encouraging research related to development programs, as well as supporting future research.
3- Continuous development of academic curricula at the level of primary and postgraduate studies, according to the development of knowledge, teaching and learning curricula and techniques.
4- Promoting religious, moral and patriotic values ​​among university youth and developing a spirit of cooperation, a sense of responsibility and environmental awareness among students.
5- Participating in community service through direct and continuous interaction with its institutions, providing scientific advice, and promoting continuing education programs.
6- Strengthening links with universities and regional and global academic institutions and positive interaction with their successful scientific experiences and expertise.
7- Upgrading the performance of faculty members at the university by intensifying teaching method courses and measuring and evaluation workshops.
8- Spreading the culture of accounting quality among university employees: employees, teachers, and higher departments