Computer Networks and Internet Lab

The computer laboratory in the Department of Computer Network and Internet Science is of great importance and distinctive in providing students with sufficient information and expertise in the field of using electronic systems, which help students develop and develop their scientific and practical skills in the field of information technology that they need during their educational career in line with the rapid global development in modern electronic technologies, and it is also an electronic educational platform that contributes to the development of students’ scientific capabilities and also has importance in e-learning and electronic exams in addition to the functions of The laboratory within the college is to support the scientific and educational process in the college, improve the level of educational performance in order to achieve qualitative professionalism and focus scientific and research programs and adapt their contents and objectives, in addition to establishing courses for employees, administrators and teachers within the college to use modern computer technology in their field of work to keep pace with the developments of contemporary technology, which lies in the completion and large and many works with a short time limit and little effort and professionalism and high technical and accurate, all of which contribute to the development of the educational institution in all its merits.