Information Technology Lab

In the interest of the Deanship of the College of Information Technology to provide all the necessary supplies to its dear students and with the blessed efforts of the respected Dean of the Faculty, the respected Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs and the respected Head of the Department, a computer lab (1) was established in the software department equipped with the latest computers and can accommodate twenty-five students, and it is worth noting that this laboratory comes within a series of achievements adopted by the Deanship of the College that come successively for the purpose of providing all the requirements that serve students and the scientific process. The laboratory is concerned with the use of practical methods of data processing through computers, where the student’s specialized knowledge is built in the field of computers, in order to prepare him to work in the fields of programming, the use of computer networks, and the development of various computer systems in various official institutions, in addition to private institutions and companies after graduation, which qualifies him to move to the labor market successfully.