The College of Information Technology holds a discussion of the research and graduation projects of fourth-year students, the first batch of college graduates

Under the supervision, guidance and participation of the Dean of the College of Information Technology, Professor Dr. Manar Younis Kashmoula, and with close follow-up by the heads of scientific departments and college professors.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, May 7, 2024 and May 8, 2024, the College of Information Technology held discussions of graduation research for fourth-year students, the first batch of college graduates.

Discussion committees from the college’s departments conducted (software department, and the department of computer networks and the Internet) to discuss with students as part of the requirements for obtaining a bachelor’s degree in information technology and within the framework of a vital stage of their academic journey.

The discussion sessions reflected a climate of scientific communication and academic interaction between students and discussion committees, as they included an in-depth and documented analysis of the research and projects presented and a review of the methodological and analytical methods used to present conclusions, hoping for our students’ continued progress and brilliance.