“A lecturer at Ninevah University is getting a Ph.D. from the College of Law at University of Mosul”

 The assistant lecturer at the College of Law ( The head of the department of the government contract at University of Ninevah Presidency) got the Ph.D. from the University of Mosul / College of Law/ Private Law branch on Tuesday19/9/2023, the subject of his dissertation was about “Marketing the Health Products and Services a Contrastive Study “, with the attendance of the university President Prof. Dr. Osama Almashhadani, and the president of University of Mosul Prof.Dr. Qussay Kamalaldeen Alahmadi, the dean of the College of Nursing, and several of the elite university professors. 

 The dissertation dealt with the subject of marketing in the absence of legal regulations of rules in general, and especially concerning health products and services, particularly there are conflicting interests that must be balanced into consideration in order to provide the necessary protection for the consumer away from the general rules, in spite of the proliferation of health legislation it doesn’t present an integrated legal regulation that fits the process of marketing and its activities promotion, advertising, pricing and distribution. 

The dissertation aimed to show that the marketing of health products and services doesn’t take its place in scientific research in terms of the legal side, and there is no legal regulation that frames it totally, despite the fact that the delivery of health care is a right guaranteed by national and international legislation, but they are varied in the definition of scope and mechanisms for ensuring this right and thus, the sides of this marketing relationship in the scope of the health services and products are based on two sides the marketer and the health care specialist with an absent consumer, and the product is not shown directly the way that requires an extra protect for the consumer. 

  In this regard, the University of Ninevah and the College of Law Deanship present their warmest congratulations to the researcher wishing him further progress and prosperity to serve our beloved university.