“ A lecturer from the College of Pharmacy Ninevah University have been contributed to publishing research at Scopus “

According to the University of Ninevah’s directions and its strive to enhance its position in publishing scientific resources in the sober International warehouses.

The lecturer at the College of Pharmacy in the university Dr. Roaa Qasim Alojar with the contribution of both Prof. Dr. Fawzi Habib Jibrael at the University Mosul College of Science and the researcher Maysam Salih Mitliq published the research entitled “ Studies on Agrochemical Controlled Release Behavior of Copolymer Hydrogel with PVA Blends of Natural Polymers and their Water Retention Capabilities in Agricultural Soil at the sober scientific Polymers journal at Scopus warehouse, Vol(15), num(17) on 15/8/2023 with an impact factor = 5

Finally, we wish the university staff all success