A master’s thesis at the University of Ninevah discussed the subject of “wireless powering of implantable medical devices “

In the presence of Prof. Dr. Osama Almashhadani university of Ninevah president, and Prof. Dr. Khalid Khaleel Mohammed ( Dean of the College of Electronics Engineering), the Department of electronics engineering has discussed the master thesis entitled “ Wireless Powering of Implantable medical devices “ by the student Dhuha Hasan Hussain. 

The thesis aimed to design and analyze a system to transmit wireless energy to charge the implantable medical device and design an RF antenna with 915 megahertz and 433 MH to integrate with IMD that is put under the skin.

The model has been replicated by using the CST Microsoft studio program to design and evaluate the performance of the suggested antenna, and by using the ADS program to design these circles to know conformity with the required specifications.

The practical results showed good conformity with the simulation results. The discussion committee consisted of the following members:

  1. A. Prof. Dr. Younis Mohammed Abbosh / University of Ninevah / college of electronics engineering / Chairman.
  2. A. Prof. Dr. Aws Zuher Younis Alashkar / University of Ninevah / College of electronics engineering/ member.
  3. L. Dr. Saad Wasmi Osman / University of Mosul/ College of Engineering/ member.
  4. A. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Salama / University of Ninevah / College of Electronics Engineering/ member and supervisor.