A master’s thesis at University of Ninevah is searching the subject of “Simulating the Impact of the Physical Parameyers on Electrical Characteristics of Tunnel Diode “.

The master thesis at the College of Electronics Engineering searched the subject of “Simulating the Impact of the Physical Parameters on Electrical Characteristics of Tunnel Diode” on Thursday 26/10/2023 the master student Rafal Emad Abdulqader Alyozbaky. 

 The research dealt with developing devices with high response, and it suggested that the dual tunnel diode is suitable for work in the areas of high frequency with a Metal-Insulator -Metal MIM.  

 The research aimed to study and improve the perf of the tunnel diode to ensure optimal matching with the antenna by studying the effect of the physical properties of the barrier height, the proximity of the electrons, and the parametric studies. 

  The research concluded that using a thin barrier thickness leads to increasing the transfer speed inside the tunnel diode and using a metal barrier height will increase the speed of the tunnel diode. 

 The research was accepted with some amendments, finally, we wish the researcher further success and prosperity.