“A new achievement is added to Ninevah University Students “

      University of Ninevah occupied the 2nd place internationally in Huawei ICT competition 2022-2023 Global 

      The Iraqi team took the 2nd place by the membership of Sadeem Wameedh a student in college of Electronics Engineering-Ninevah University in Huawei competition for information technology/Networking specialisation in its 8th copy, and it was held from 24 to 27 -May -2023 in Shenzhen -China, this competition was held in attendance for the first time from four years ago. 

        This win came as a practical result of the continuous monitoring,and the scientific support of Ninevah presidency and its president represented by Prof. Dr. Osama Almashhadani , Dean of college of Electronics Engineering and his staff. 

    It’s noteworthy that Huawei competition is an international competition that is done in cooperation with the higher education institutes wishing to join the Academy of Information Technology and Communications all over the world. 

    From this competition Huawei aimed to supply the students with a platform of a healthy competition, brainstorming and hence increasing their abilities of creativity by using a new techniques and platforms.From the initial release in 2015 the effect of this competition was released. Thus Huawei ICT competition was conducted with a presence of more than 120000 students from more than 2000 university and 74 state to reach the finals. 

   And hence Ninevah University has won many awards and advanced positions locally and internationally in these competitions sponsored by Huawei company for ITC , so many congratulations to Ninevah University, college of Electronics Engineering its staff and students this huge achievement wishing them a further success at all levels.