“ A new scientific achievement is added to the achievements of the Medical College University of Ninevah”

   Recording a bacterial strain for the first time in the National Center for Biotechnology Information named Psychrobacter Pulmonis ASH. 

Two researchers from the Medical College Dr. Saba Abdulusalam Alsultan and Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Moayad Hussain were able to record a new bacterial strain depending on the genetic diagnosis of 16srRNA and, in cooperation with the assistant lecturer Haqi Yazin Ismaeel from the College of Dentistry/ Alnoor College University.

   It’s important to note that this bacterial strain is isolated from a sample of Coronary atherosclerosis patients who were subjected to the cardiac catheter for coronary angioplasty, the surgery is done by an adaption of molecular genetic methods to determine the molecular sequencing 16srRNA. 

  Finally, we wish our University staff further success and prosperity.