A nursing faculty member participated as a committee member in a master’s thesis defense at the College of Science, University of Mosul.

Dr. Amnah Jasim Mohammed, from the Basic Nursing Sciences Department at our university, participated on Sunday, March 10, 2024, as a committee member in the defense of a master’s thesis in the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Mosul.

The thesis focused on “The relationship between vaspin and omentin hormones with vitamin D in women.”

Dr. Hayam Adel Ibrahim, the Dean of the College of Science, and several faculty members from the college attended part of the defense.

The study aimed to assess and elucidate the relationship between hormones secreted from adipose tissue in obese women with vitamin D3 deficiency, in addition to its effect on other hormones and body parameters such as thyroid gland hormone, vitamin K2, and minerals like phosphorus and calcium.

The defense committee was chaired by Prof. Muneef Abdul Mustafa Suleiman, with the membership of Assistant Prof. Fatima Qasim Mohammed Hassan and Dr. Amnah Jasim Mohammed Fathi, under the supervision of Assistant Prof. Abeer Ataallah Ayed Al-Hadidi.

At the end, Dr. Hayam Adel Ibrahim, the Dean of the College, presented a letter of appreciation to Dr. Amnah Jasim Mohammed for her participation in the student’s defense committee.