A visiting professor in college of medicine/University of Ninevِah published a scientific research in an international journal.

    In a partnership with a number of researchers inside and outside Iraq , the visiting professor in Ninevah University Prof. Dr. Laith Yahya Ibrahim Almullahussain published a scientific Paper in the journal of Frontiers in Oncology with 5.738 impact factor. The research dealt with the side effects of ISIS occupation in which was related to the deterioration of cancer care in five Iraqi districts (Nineveh, Anbar, Kirkuk, Tikrit ,and Diyla) between (2014-2017) that caused a devastating effects on cancer patients services. The research focused on immediate and the long term effects of the war on cancer patients (before during and after the ISIS conflict). Because of lacking the data concerning the practice of Oncology specialization , the researchers depended essentially on the qualitative interviews and the living experience of the Oncologists serving the five districts, with applying the vision of political economy to interpret the results and the related data concerning the reconstruction of oncology centers. The research aimed to document the demolition and rebuild the Oncology systems that benefit the next generation of the cancer care practitioners in the Middle East and the conflict affected areas in their efforts to cope with conflicts, reconstruction and elimination of war remnants. For more information please visit the link below. Wish all the staff success and prosperity.