Al-Khyatt inspects the semi-final exams at the College of Electronics Engineering

On Sunday, 2 Feb. 2020, the President of Ninevah University, Prof. Dr. Muzahm Al-Khyatt, accompanied by the Deans of the Colleges of Medicine, and Electronics Engineering, and a group of college academics, visited a number of exam halls in the College of Electronics Engineering to follow up the progress of the semi-final exams. They viewed the readiness of the examination halls, and the president emphasized on the academics to ensure that the questions are comprehensive, and clear, while all exam regulations are followed. He added that the college should continue to provide the right atmosphere and requirements for the examination halls in order for the exam process to proceed smoothly.
The visit concluded with an appreciation of the role of the College of Electronics Engineering and the examination committee, wishing them and all students long-term success.