Al-Khyatt receives gentlemen returning from the training course that was held in Japan.

Prof. Muzahm Al-Khyatt, President of Nineveh University, received on 2/12/2019 Dr. Bassam Khalil Al-Abbasi, a pediatric surgeon, and Dr. Aseel Sami, a pediatrician, from the Faculty of Medicine, who recently returned from a medical training course held in Japan by the Japanese Organization “Save the Children of Iraq” for a period of two months.
This is the second event, for the second year, of cooperation of this organization with our university.
The two trainee were honored by the organization with a honor shield, which was thereafter presented to the President of the University, who, in turn, praised the great efforts of the Japanies organization in training our university cadre for a period of two consecutive years.
This cooperation was established after a series of measures undertaken by our university to communicate with international universities and organizations to develop the academic and scientific level of our university and thus achieve one of the goals of the government program for the years 2018-2022.