Holding the third training workshop for Huawei tests

In cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Research and Development Department – Department of Coordination and Scientific Cooperation, the third volunteer training workshop was held at the College of Electronics Engineering – Ninevah University. Engineer Osama Maher kneeling in commitment to undertake this workshop after sending him to China to participate in the ICT competition and under the supervision of the Omar Khazaal Siddiq/assistant lecturer in the Dept. of Communications Eng. for the period from 8/12/2019 to 19/12/2019. The workshop included explanation of the HCIA vocabulary (HCNA) – R&S and practical training on using the eNSP program for the purpose of qualifying teachers, students and graduates who are interested in obtaining HCIA (HCNA) – Free R&S (Free Voucher) from Huawei, and the workshop also included answering the students ’questions and interacting with them through their discussions.
32 students and 6 academics from various engineering and scientific departments and colleges. The lectures of the workshop were adopted as a reference for the participants of future Huawei tests after they were recorded video and published on the Ninevah University channel on YouTube. The workshop lectures were photographed and published on the website of Ninevah University. The training workshop ended with conducting free online tests via Huawei company by the participants to test the information and get the free HCIA (HCNA) – R&S (Free Voucher) certification on Dec. 23, 2019, where 28 students participated . Future training workshops and free tests from Huawei will be organized.