Ninevah University ratifies an agreement for cooperation (twining) with Al-Hamdaniya University

On Monday, 20.1.2020, a delegation from Ninevah University lead by Mr Presedent of Ninevah University, ratified a cooperation agreement with Al-Hamdaniya University.
Al-Hamdaniya University hosted the delegation in the attendance of the Presedent of Al-Hamdaniya University, Prof. Akeel Yahia Hashim Alaaraji, and the Presedent Assistants and Deans of colleges of the two universities and some of the Heads of Depts.
This agreement comes among a work by the two Universities to achieve one of the objectives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for the years 2018-2022 that imply twining with the Iraqi and International Universities to open horizons of cooperation in Academic research and publication and improving the methods of teaching processes to achieve the highest level of National and Territorial classification.
In this agreement, a review of both universities’ Depts and accomplishments was presented. This agreement is regarded one of a series of agreements that were ratified between Ninevah University and other Iraqi and International Universities.
Mr Presedent of Al-Hamdaniya University praised the great role of Prof. Dr. Muzahm Al-Khyatt while he was leading Al-Hamdaniya University and honered him by a Honor Shield. All the delegation members were also honored by bouquet of flowers and some publications.
At the end, Mr Presedent of Ninevah University and the delegation members thanked the Presedent of Al-Hamdaniya University for his generous hospitality and wished the wellfair to both universities.