The master’s thesis by Ms. Rasel Amer Abdul Jabbar from the Communications Engineering Department at the College of Electronics Engineering, University of Nineveh, investigates Reflectarrays

The thesis, titled “Analysis and Design of a Unit Cell for Reflectarrays with Improved Performance,” aims to combine the favorable characteristics of parabolic reflectors and array antennas to create lightweight and cost-effective solutions. The study involves a detailed analysis of the shape and properties (phase range and rate of change) of array elements, proposing various shapes and comparing their performance with those studied by other researchers.

The thesis delves into the design of array elements, conducting an extensive study on the shape and properties arising from the element’s shape. Multiple shapes for array elements were proposed, and their resulting properties were studied, attempting to deduce the impact of each shape’s parts on the resulting properties. A comparison was made between the properties of the proposed shapes and those of other shapes previously studied by other researchers.

A scientific paper based on the thesis results was published at the 9th International Congress on Information and Communication Technology (ICICT 2024) held in London from February 19-22, 2024. The defense committee, comprising Dean Dr. Khaled Khalil Mohammed and other faculty members, included:

  1. Dr. Jafar Ramadan Mohammed, Assistant University President for Scientific Affairs, University of Nineveh – Chairman.
  2. Assoc. Prof. Abdul Sattar Mohammed Khudair, Technical Institute, Northern Technical University – Member.
  3. Assoc. Prof. Diaa Mohammed Ali, Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, College of Electronics Engineering – Member.
  4. Dr. Khalil Hassan Saeed Marai, Experienced Professor, College of Electronics Engineering – Member and Supervisor.

The committee recommended accepting the thesis and granting the researcher a master’s degree in communications engineering. Congratulations to the student, and best wishes for her continued success.