The Nursing College hosts an educational and awareness lecture on the importance, drawbacks, and benefits of social media in university life.

Under the directives of Prof.Dr. Osama Ismail Al-Mashhadani, the President of Nineveh University, and the supervision of Mr. Ridwan Hussein Ibrahim, the Dean of the Nursing College.

The Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit at Nineveh University’s Nursing College organized a lecture on Monday, March 25, 2024, titled “The Importance of Social Media in University Life: Its Drawbacks and Benefits”.

Dr. Abbas Abdul Qadir Hussein delivered the lecture, discussing the significance of using social media to enhance communication and knowledge exchange among students, highlighting its role in facilitating access to educational resources and developmental opportunities.

The lecture also addressed potential drawbacks of social media use, such as attention distraction and addiction, while urging students to balance their use for the sake of their mental health.

The lecture aimed to raise awareness of best practices in social media use to achieve effective and constructive communication in the university setting, and to enhance students’ skills in dealing with challenges and potential risks associated with excessive social media use, wishing our dear students success and continuous success.