“The University of Ninevah is opening a mutual scientific cooperation with the German University of Rostock”

As a type of interest, the University of Ninevah is represented by its president, and according to his directions mutual scientific cooperation between it and the German University of Rostock is made, and a group from the university included the assistant president for the scientific affairs Prof. Jaafar Ramadan Mohamed and the head of the department of scholarships and cultural relations Dr. Awaz Mahmood Alfiqi visited the University of Rostock on 26-27 / 9/ 2023.

The visit came to open mutual scientific cooperation, the first day of the visit included meeting the Dean of the College of Applied Science Prof. Dr. Peter Langer, and the second day included meeting the assistant president for Cultural Relations at the University of Rostock Prof. Dr. Michael Paulus, Dr. Langer accompanied our group for a field visit to see the labs, study halls, and the research centers at the University of Rostock and the study course at the university is discussed in the different stages. 

On the second day, Mr. Paules presented a detailed description of the university and the available majors in addition to the available scholarships at the university, the mechanisms of the scientific cooperation between Rostock University and the other universities, the programs of the student exchange, and the lecturers. 

An agreement is signed between both sides and they are summarized as follows: 
  1. A memorandum of scientific understanding is signed after getting the legal ministerial approvals to enhance cooperation in the teaching field and research.
  2. Exchanging visits between the lecturers and getting the scholarships for the Master stage and Ph.D.
  3. Exchanging the undergraduate students according to the system of the Polonga Process according to a suitable mechanism for both universities.
  4. Performing a mutual research activities.
  5. The mutual arrangement and participation in the conferences, symposia, lectures, etc.
  6. Exchanging the publications and the scientific information. Finally, we wish the university further success and prosperity.