University of Ninevah held a scientific symposium named “The woman is ambition and challenges “.

         Under the patronage and presence of Ninevah University President Prof. Dr. Osama Almashhadani and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Khalid Khalil Mohammed dean of Electronics Engineering college.

     The woman’s empowerment unit in college of Electronics Engineering held a scientific educational symposium under the name of “The woman is ambition and challenges”, on Thursday 18.5.2023 at Alkhwarizmi hall. 

   The assistant dean for the administrative affairs assistant Prof. Dr. Dhyaa Mohammed attended the symposium, the directors of scientific departments, the Elite women leaders, university professors and students.

   The session was opened by a verse from the Holy Qurran , then followed by an opening, the firs session is led by the women empowerment unit admin in the university presidency Dr. Ghada Siddeq Rasool and with the membership of lecturers Ekhlas Ahmed , and Noor Talal . Thus the first lecture was done by the women empowerment unit admin in college lecturer Jwan Hussain ( about the women’s role in college of Electronics Engineering) , followed by a lecture about the balance in women’s life , the elements of success in scheduling and arranging the priorities of the academic woman.

Almashhadani welcomed this symposium from his side and reaffirmed his support to this unit in university formations , expressed in his speech the role of women in building the family and sharing the man in building and serving soc, clearing that the women have a vital role in countries, and he wished them a further success to serve our great country.