A workshop on( time management)

was organized by the Computer Networks and Internet Department at the College of Information Technology for fourth-year students, as part of a series of workshops organized by the College’s Rehabilitation and Employment Unit.
The workshop was conducted by Lect.Dr Ahmed Qasim Ahmed, Lect.Dr Balqis Talal Hassan, and Lect.Dr Ahmed Nashwan Al-Dabbagh. This workshop is considered important for developing students’ capabilities in facing the challenges and pressures of academic and professional life in an organized and effective manner to achieve their goals.
The workshop aimed to encourage students to rely on organized planning and scheduling to manage their life tasks. It included several topics such as defining time, the benefits of time organization, time wasters, and prioritization. The focus was on real-life topics and examples to be applied practically by students at various organizational levels in a way that positively reflects on time management quality.
The workshop concluded with a questionnaire to assess students’ efficiency in effectively utilizing their time. The final recommendation from the presenters emphasized the necessity of effectively utilizing time in order for students to be able to manage time, complete any task with quality, and be effective.