A master thesis in Ninevah University is discussing the subject of “ A fully integrated CMOS Realization of Active Inductors for RF Applications “.

With the presence of the vice chancellor for scientific affairs Prof. Dr. Jaafar Ramadan Mohammed , college of Electronics Engineering/University of Ninevah discussed the master thesis entitled with “A Fully Integrated CMOS Realization of Active Inductor for RF Applications” ,by Julliana Owni Oraha .

   The master thesis dealt with designing and analyzing the active inductor in the applications of communication systems in RF , a genetic algorithm was used to improve the performance of these inductors in order to implement them practically on the form of an integrated circle,by using ADS programs to analyze these circles,and to know their conformity with the required specifications.

   The discussion committee consisted of the following members:
  1. Prof. Dr. Khalid Khalil Mohammed/ University of Ninevah/ college of Electronics Engineering /Chairman .
  2. Asst. Prof. Ahmed Mohammed Salama /University of Ninevah/College of Electronics Engineering/ member.
  3. Asst. Prof. Omar Ibrahim Ahmed /Northern Technical University/ Technical Engineering College/Mosul/ member.

4.Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Dhannon Younis / University of Ninevah/ College of Electronics Engineering/ A Member and supervisor .

We wish the student success and prosperity.