Amaster discussion was held in Ninevah University discussed the thesis named “An investigation of Smart Device (D2D) Technology and Schemes for 5G System “

 The dissertation aimed to investigate the technique of D2D communication plans since it plays a vital role in LTE-A and 5G networks in and to discover how to increase the productivity and reducing the delay in the package. The D2D situation is better than the infrastructure on different distances in terms of increasing the productivity ,reducing the interference with the cellular users, and increasing the capacity.
  The dissertation recommended to design a mobile application that depends on the D2D communication to discover and tracking the persons movement near by a person infected with Covid-19 on 3 meters distance or less and the estimated time for infected. The study simulated five scenarios for the user’s movements ,each scenario allows to identify the number of injuries, source of infection, the injuries location and the total injury period.

      The examination committee consisted of the following members: 

1.Assistant pro. Dr. Mohammed Hazim Younis /Ninevah University/ college of Electronics Engineering/Chairman of the committee.

  1. Assistant Prof. Dr.Dhiyaa Mohammed Ali Abid /Ninevah University/college of Electronics Engineering/member .
  2. Assistant Prof. Dr. Zeyad Khalaf Farag /Northern Technical University/the Engineering Technical College-Mosul.
  3. Assistant Prof. Ali Othman Mohammed/Ninevah University/college of Electronics Engineering/ member and supervisor.
    We wish the student success and prosperity.

For MSc we use (dissertation).
For PhD we use (thesis)