“Arranging a Scientific Seminar by the 4th stage students about “Raising Awareness about the importance of Using Antibiotics in a responsible way to reduce the risks of Misusing “

   According to the directions of the dean of the College of Nursing Prof. Dr. Radhwan Hussain Ibrahim and under the supervision of the assistant lecturer Karam Yasin Fathi, the fourth-stage students arranged a scientific seminar about the importance of using antibiotics in a responsible way to reduce the risks of misusing. 

 The seminars included a detailed explanation of the concept of antibiotics how they work to fight infections, and the importance of using antibiotics according to medical guidelines and avoiding overuse which leads to resistance of microbes. 

 The seminars aimed to educate students about the importance of keeping the activity of antibiotics and enhancing the idea of responsible use and the students discussed the negative effects of misusing in the long term and the role of keeping the antibiotics for the next generations. 

 The seminars recommended encouraging medical consultations before usage and the importance of completing the entire course of treatment without leaving them without a medical advice, Finally, we wish our beloved students further progress and prosperity.